ChemAlive SA - Quantum Chemistry for All Conformational Analysis Module beta 1.02

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ChemAlive is a complete automation environment for simple to complex computational chemistry projects. Our goal is to remove the expertise, IT and infrastructure gaps that currently exists in the deployment of high-level quantum chemistry (QC) calculations in all areas of chemistry. We believe that QC, and its vastly more accurate chemical metrics, should be routinely available to all chemists, experimentalist and theorists alike thoguh an on-demand commercial mechanism.

This demo is intended to introduce our users to key fatures of the ChemAlive platform through its Conformational Analysis Module. Simply draw a molecule and our automation codes will follow the steps necessary to achieve the global minimum energy structures and all energetically relavent alternatives conformers at the PM6 semi-empirical level. Importantly, the interface will display the results in an interactive environment where you can navigate through this conformational space and view the structures in 3D with side by side comparison.

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